See How This Company Is Making the AIP / Paleo Diet Easier to Manage!



Delicious AIP & Paleo CARAMELS! 


It really is the little things that make LIFE SO SWEET!
It’s not everyday I can introduce you to one of my favorite products in the AIP/Paleo world, Sweet Apricity Caramels!

Such a divine little treat.

I never thought I would find a tasty snack again after going AIP, which led to my creating Power Balls.  Now, there is something else amazing on the market that even received approval from “The Paleo Mom” – Sarah Ballantyne!

While we generally limit treats on AIP and keep it to a minimum, let’s be real, AIP and Paleo can be so hard.  Sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up.

These Caramels are the perfect assurance to convince us that it’s going to be ok and you’re going to make it.

Sweet Apricity is run by an amazing girl who poetically explains:

“We wanted to create an indulgence our bodies would celebrate, rather than punish us for. Something that feels like a reward for the sacrifice of giving up our once loved dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Here is our offering – the culmination of that intent and desire – sweet, salty, creamy caramels. It’s the warmth of the sun when it feels like winter.”

Doesn’t that just sum it up?!?


And Sweeten Up Your Day a Little!


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