Lemoncream 100% Paleo Power Ball

100% Paleo. 100% Delicious.



The snack world is tough to navigate, particularly if you have health issues like GI problems our autoimmunity. Paleo Power Balls are fantastic in that they are low glycemic load, autoimmune friendly and most importantly, delicious.

Robb Wolf
Author - The Paleo Solution

Normally I wouldn't want balls in my mouth! But these balls are so good I can't get enough. As a pro athlete, diet is important for my performance and these Power Balls give me the power I need when taking down men twice my size. They're also great just for a quick snack. Only problem is I can never have just a couple because they're so bomb!

Jeff Glover
Jiu Jitsu Black Belt World Champion

I love Paleo Angel Power Balls, they taste delicious. I eat them as a tasty snack or as an on the go breakfast. Hard boiled eggs are boring! The Power Balls are an easy way for me to start my day off right with protein that gives me energy throughout the day.

Jessica Z
Advertising Account Director

So your paleo Power Balls are so good we got to get them distributed out to the paleo world. With the low glycemic level and the collagen for protein I just love them. They go great with some Caveman Coffee!

Tait Fletcher
Actor / Caveman Coffee

Amy, the Paleo Angel, started teaching me about Paleo and AIP back in 2011, but it wasn't until April 2015 that I stopped putting poison into my body and finally listened to her advice. Wow! What a difference. I quickly discovered that I should've listened to Amy four years ago. My new, healthy, paleo lifestyle requires a ton of planning and preparation. Amy's Power Balls make the perfect food on-the-go. They're pack a punch of protein before and after workouts. They're great for curing afternoon hunger pangs and sweets cravings. I serve them with breakfast. I eat them for dessert. They really are an all-purpose health food!

Brett H.