Gut Health and the AIP Paleo Diet

If you’re into health and nutrition at all these days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a reference to the Paleo diet. It’s become a wildly popular way of life, and its popularity is growing by the day. A bit newer on the scene, but related to paleo, is the Autoimmune Paleo (or Protocol) Diet, or AIP.

What some people don’t realize is that these diets aren’t just about losing weight—they’re a lifestyle change that’s built to help you live a better and healthy lifestyle, and you might be surprised that it all starts with your gut. Learn about gut health and the paleo diet or AIP diet approaches, and how this lifestyle can improve not just your digestive system but your whole health.

Gut Health and AIP

AIP, or the autoimmune paleo diet, is an offshoot of paleo which is designed to help target specific health issues you might be experiencing. Your overall health and well-being, in many ways, starts in your gut, which is home to millions of microorganisms and bacteria which are essential to making sure your body digests nutrition and transmits it effectively throughout your system.

Unfortunately, everyone’s health is different and unique, and sometimes your gut might react badly to a certain staple of your diet, which serves then to upset the delicate balance of good bacteria you need to function. Gut health and AIP are connected in that this diet can help to restore that balance.

How Gut Health and Paleo Work Together

The AIP diet work together to clean up your insides, while allowing you to get healthy and keep your body functioning at peak efficiency. AIP helps you to deal with autoimmune illnesses by removing those things that target symptoms. By starting you off with a very restrictive diet, and then gradually adding foods back in, AIP helps to address inflammation in the gut, and still provide all the nutrients you need to be healthy.

It’s a great way to help address symptoms of dozens of different kinds of autoimmune diseases from arthritis to celiac to multiple sclerosis to Crohn’s and even diabetes. While it’s not a cure, it can help to put your symptoms into remission.

The Autoimmune Protocol

AIP proceeds in stages. The first is very restrictive, removing nuts, seeds, beans, grains, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, dairy, processed foods, alcohol, chocolate, eggs, gums, seed-based seasonings, and nightshades including tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers. From there, foods are gradually added in one at a time until you target the source of your autoimmune trigger.

In this way, the diet focuses on all-natural foods and on your overall body health. It rejuvenates your good gut bacteria and sort of reboots your immune system, getting things working the way they should once more. It’s more than a diet, it’s actually a way of life.

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