Paleo Angel and Fruits & Roots: Working Together to Bring Convenient Health and Whole Food Nutrition to the Las Vegas Community

We're excited to officially announce our partnership with Fruits & Roots, the delicious and nutritious juice bar & restaurant here in Las Vegas. While they have been offering Paleo Power Balls for some time now, the following press release details why we're so excited about working together to bring healthy, convenient, delicious food to Las Vegas:

Las Vegas, Nev. April 18, 2018. What happens when two business people who share a common obsession meet? Synergy. In this case, Patricia Kaytia-Little of Fruits & Roots and Amy Ma of Paleo Angel have joined forces to bring their mutual love of healthy and convenient cooking and eating to the Las Vegas community. Amy and Patricia understand that nutritious, healthy food isn’t always convenient. It can be time consuming to create these foods for yourself, so they decided to make it easier for you.

Fruits & Roots is the 2016 “Best of Las Vegas” juice bar winner, “Best of Las Vegas” Vegan Choice (2nd place) and “Best of Las Vegas” Drive-Thru (3rd place)! It’s a restaurant with drive-through that offers cold press juice, acai bowls, wellness shots, grab-and-go snacks, superfood smoothies and wellness wraps and bowls, which contain greens filled with superfoods and nutrient-dense, vegetable-based proteins. Many options are vegan optional or gluten free, including their superfood soups or Acai and Super Fruit Bowls.

Paleo Angel offers nutritious and delicious superfood combinations that adhere to the Paleo Diet and the Autoimmune Protocol and which are packaged in snack-size power balls. “I developed power balls in a quest to reduce the symptoms of my own autoimmune illness,” says founder, Amy Ma. “Now I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with the world.” Paleo Angel Power Balls are designed to fuel and nourish the body, are made from high-quality ingredients and are low on the glycemic index. 

The magic is, now you can not only grab and go a delicious Plant-powered Caesar wrap or cold-pressed, organic Vitality Beet juice from Fruits & Roots, but you can grab some Paleo Angel Power Balls as well! Imagine a decadent chocolate power ball with oozing fudge for your guilt-free dessert (paleo compliant but not AIP). Drive through for some morning energy with an 8-pack of Matcha Green Tea power balls, a lovely shade of spring green created by natural chlorophylls, not artificial colorings. The amino acids in this power ball will calm your mind and body. Try Tangy Lemon Cream, Orange Cranberry, Vanilla Cupcake, Snickerdoodle and Carob Power Balls, all paleo and AIP compliant.

Amy and Patricia understand that people in their community of Las Vegas live fast-paced lives, yet they have families to keep healthy and goals for health-conscious living. By working together, Amy and Patricia can help families in Las Vegas and around the country meet those goals. Paleo Angel has a gluten-free, paleo-compliant manufacturing facility in the area and sells locally and online, shipping across the United States. Fruits & Roots now has two locations, Sunset Road in southwest Vegas and Blue Diamond near Southern Highlands; both have convenient drive-throughs. Both companies believe in using whole ingredients fresh from Mother Nature, made from scratch using organic and natural ingredients and without fillers or preservatives. Good for you and so yummy!

If you have autoimmune issues but have not yet explored the benefits of a paleo compliant/AIP protocol diet, check out Amy Ma’s story and pick up a package of Power Balls at your nearest Fruits & Roots restaurant. Or, if you want a quick, convenient and healthy meal for your family, stop in or drive through at one of Fruits & Roots’ Las Vegas locations.