Paleo Angel Founder Amy Ma Shares How AIP-Compliant

Paleo Angel makes a big splash with its introductory YouTube video featuring Amy Ma, founder and owner, who shares with you how Paleo and AIP compliant Power Balls are made.

Las Vegas, Nev. May 23, 2018. Amy Ma discovered the Paleo lifestyle in 2012 after struggling with autoimmune issues and weight gain that were exacerbated by the stress of her career as a lawyer. Ever the attorney, it took some persuasion and appeal to her logical mind, as well as the real-life benefits demonstrated by a colleague, to take Paleo more seriously. Within weeks of trying it, she was losing weight and experiencing relief from her autoimmune symptoms.



At this point, Amy was so excited about the results that she decided to see if she could not only relieve her autoimmune symptoms but heal her body. That’s when she turned to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for help. Amy discovered that adopting the AIP diet healed her intestinal lining, reduced gut inflammation, and increased her body’s ability to digest foods. In other words, she felt a whole lot better, and believes you can, too!

Because of the results Amy experienced, she became a passionate advocate for healthy eating. As an attorney with a busy lifestyle, she realized how difficult it was to find snacks that were both healthy and convenient. So, she started making her own snacks that met her Paleo and AIP requirements and tasted and looked great as well. Her friends and family were so enthusiastic about Amy’s Power Balls that she decided to share the love and share the health by starting Paleo Angel and making Power Balls available across the US.

You can meet Amy Ma via her YouTube introduction “About Paleo Angel” in which she describes Paleo Angel’s AIP and Paleo-compliant facilities, how Power Balls are made, and the different Power Ball flavors available.

In a nutshell, there are no tree nuts and no gluten in Paleo Angel products, in keeping with the Paleo Angel mission to help you heal the mind, body and spirit. Power Balls are made from pure and simple ingredients like coconut milk, coconut oil, collagen powder, Himalayan pink sea salt, gelatin and raw and organic honey.

Plus, Amy makes certain that there’s a Power Ball flavor to appeal to all tastes. Here is a sample of the flavors available from fruity to chocolatey: Lemon Cream, Orange Cranberry, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla, Matcha Green Tea Latte, Carob, Snickerdoodle and, of course, Chocolate. All Power Ball packages are made to order, fresh, and shipped directly to her customers.

Amy Ma would like to invite everyone to become a part of the Paleo Angel community and to learn more about the benefits of eating real, whole foods. You don’t have to have an autoimmune disorder to benefit from the Paleo lifestyle. As a follower of the Paleo Angel Instagram or Facebook page, you’ll have access to beneficial health information from the blog, an introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol, as well as updates to the product line. Follow Paleo Angel on Facebook and Instagram.