Paleo Angel Founder Amy Ma Speaks Out

In a recent interview, Paleo Angel Founder Amy Ma speaks out about her Paleo Power Balls, the origins of the company, and its future growth. She talks about how the Paleo diet helped her tackle her autoimmune problems, and how it can help others to live a healthy lifestyle as well.

Paleo and AIP Friendly

The Autoimmune Protocol diet is an offshoot of the Paleo diet, which has helped Amy to control her own autoimmune problems, but in the process, she began to notice it was hard to find Paleo- and AIP-friendly foods that you could take on the go, and that was the birth of Paleo Angel.

From Weight Loss to Gut Health and More

Amy started the Paleo diet in the hopes of losing some weight and getting her energy back. In her journey she discovered the AIP approach, and was able to use it to address her own autoimmune symptoms. This started her on a mission to help others rediscover their own health and energy.

The Power Ball Secret

The secret to Paleo Power Balls come in a variety of delicious flavors, including orange cranberry, blueberry, apple pie, and more. They even offer special seasonal flavors. The goal is to provide delicious on-the-go foods that are Paleo friendly, and make the lifestyle even easier.

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