The Beginner's Guide to Paleo Meal Planning

Meal planning is the way to go for beginners who need help sticking to the paleo healthy eating lifestyle. Developing a weekly meal plan and doing meal prep takes the stress of winging it everyday. Meal planning also will help prevent you from the temptation of veering off of your paleo plan. Plus, meal plans can also be fun if you enjoy learning new recipes and trying different things to shake up your taste buds!



What is Paleo Meal Planning?

Meal planning is simply sitting down and taking a moment to make decisions on what you want your paleo meals to include for the week. You will need to do some thinking about what you enjoy eating within the paleo perimeters, recipe research and create your shopping list. You should take time to plan your meal prepping day and time as well. Choose what day you will prepare for the week. Sunday afternoons are usually best for most people.


Prepping your paleo meals involves preparing your seven days of meals ahead of time so eating is made simple for the week.



Why Plan Paleo Meals?

Planning in general makes your life a little easier but meal planning for the week is the bees knees! You will saving time and money when you plan out you paleo meals as well as your meal prep time. Having your grocery list in hand with your eyes focused on that list will keep your legs from wandering off to the bakery. Once you get home and have your meals prepared, labeled and ready for grab and go, you will not be tempted to go elsewhere for lunch.


At first, the process of planning and prepping may seem like a lot to do but it does get easier once you have established your rhythm. Give it some time and you will see. Meal prepping and planning is very time consuming in the beginning, however in order to save time in the long run you have to make time to find your rhythm.


If time is still a bit of a problem, not to worry there are solutions. There are several resources that have weekly paleo meal plans with the ingredient shopping list available online, so all you have left to do is shop, prepare, and package them.



Don’t Forget Your Paleo Snacks

Weekly meal planning is usually focused on breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should include healthy paleo friendly snacks in your meal planning. There are some great snacks you can prepare for at home and on the go. If you need some pre-packaged paleo snacks then Paleo Angel has got you covered. Our paleo Power Balls were created to nourish and fuel the body with delicious high quality ingredients. Our Power Balls are the perfect grab and go snack that will keep you on track with the paleo healthy lifestyle.


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